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Best salt addition to boost back carbonates?

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So, I am presently brewing a gose using the quick souring method.  Pitched my home grown lacto starter last night into the wort.  This AM before I left for work, it dropped from 5.3 to 3.8.  I was shooting for about 3.5 to 3.8.  My concern is if I continues to drop at this rate the wort will be too sour and the acidity too strong for the yeast.  Would chalk or baking soda be best to add back.  I will likely boil it tonight when I get home to kill the lacto and then add the yeast (WY1007).  I know chalk is generally a pain to add, but with a boiling wort it should be ok, no?  Plenty of sodium already in the water with the sea salt additions, so for that reason I am thinking chalk (if I can get it to dissolve) would be better than baking soda.

Thoughts from the masses?


I *think* you should be able to dissolve chalk much easier at a pH of 3.8.  It's just a problem in water, and even at mash pH.  Some historical Belgian ale producers used to add eggshells to wort that was too sour, and that's basically chalk.

Good point about the acidity, that slipped my mind.

Do you specifically need carbonates, or are you just looking to boost pH?

Specifically to boost pH.  But, I used R/O water (part of the reason it's so low). So, adding back carbonates would not be the end of the world.  And it would boost my pH. The quick souring was quicker than I expected. ;D


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