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I'm getting ready to spiff up my system and one of the first things I want to do is add quick disconnects to my pump, tubing, and kettles.  So, polysulfone, brass, or SS?  Good sources?

It's about time you spent some money on that cheap 'n' easy brew system of yours!  ;)

I used to use the polysulfone quick disconnects, but I found they got brittle and started to break over time/usage.  Now I just use brass garden hose fittings with rubber gaskets for all of my connections.  Cheaper than brass or SS QDs and nearly as easy to use.

I use polysulfone QD's but if I weren't so far into them I would go with the stainless stell QD's.

I started with polysulfone, the ones with the springy-things in them to seal off when you disconnect so nothing spills out.  At first I loved them, but soon found that the springy things just serve to clog up with hop (even when using a false bottom) during whirlpooling. Major PITA.  Eventually I drilled out the springy things so it's a straight shot through, and this solved the clogging problem. But then the liquid will spill everywhere when you disconnect; to solve this I put a quarter-turn stopcock just upstream of the disconnect. It works great now. A little wonky with the stopcocks in there, but it works.  There's probably a better solution for disconnecting and stopping flow so I'm hoping to see other responses here. But overall the polysulfone are just fine. Just keep some keg lube handy for the O-rings.

I almost went with poly, but decided to spend the extra money and got stainless camlocks.  Easy to use and easy to clean and they should last for ever.  I was going to order them from, but my LHBS had the for about the same price. 


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