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Mash Efficiency Problem

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I think you should have your water tested so you know where you stand.  But your pH would have to be WAY off to have much effect on your efficiency.


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I did do a double crush this time, definitely helped my efficiency, though I still added some DME to pump up this Imperial Stout recipe. I think I mashed a bit high, was at 153 when I closed lid and when I started vorlaufing my first running they came in at about 149.5. 

One thing a couple of folks mentioned is testing my water ph to find out if that might effect my extract efficiency. Most folks have told me NYC (Brooklyn) water is just fine and don't need to mess with it. Do you have any thoughts on water ph affecting mash? 

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The temp of your first runnings are probably not representative of the mash temp at the end of the mash.  The exposure to air will likely drop the temps of your runnings a few degrees.

You should ask for a water report from your municipality that includes alkalinity and then you can plug those numbers into a spreadsheet to estimate mash pH beforehand. 


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