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The Beer Up Here app was officially released yesterday (August 2).

This app is available at

I heard folks were working on this project but I was not really sure what to expect.

I must say I am very impressed! This app far exceeds my expectation.

All 22 of the breweries currently up and running in Alaska are listed and they give fairly detailed information regarding their beers.

In addition to this, they also list several ale houses and growler bars. A neat feature of this is that the listings of what these establishments have on tap are supposedly updated in real-time.

I have no idea how this is done but....

Unfortunately, the majority of the ale houses and growler bars are from the Anchorage area. I've been told that they intent to eventually list such establishments throughout the state.

I suspect that there was a bad rush to release this app while still have summer here. The geese and cranes are starting to congregate so as much as we'd like to ignore the signs winter is just around the corner.

The point is that this app is likely to keep improving as more and more establishments and features are added.

Note that I am not affiliated with the people who have produced this app.

I am just very impressed by it and would like to get the word out.

If you are planning a trip up to Alaska, I strongly urge you to purchase this app!

I don't believe you will be sorry.

It is a little more expensive ( i.e. $4.99) than most apps I have but it is not as expensive as some.

- Scott 

Nice.  The Wife and I are taking a cruise in Mid-September.  Sitka, Juneau, and Kethichan.  Obviously Alaska Brewing and Baranof Island will be on our list.  Are there others we should know about?

So far, Alaskan Brewing and Baranof Island Brewing are the only breweries on your route.

There has been a brewery in planning in Ketchikan for awhile. However, it is unlikely that Baleen Brewing will be up and running by the time you take your trip.


If you have any other questions about Alaska just send me an e-mail.

Have a great trip!

- Scott


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