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klickitat jim:
Just checking to see if I did this somewhat right

Kegged a batch of IPA. Steeped 2 oz of dry hops in a bag for 4 days at 67°. Pulled the hop bag and put it in my kegerator under 20# CO2 for 24hrs to chill it.

Mixed 1tsp gelatin in 3/4 cup hot water, rested about 20 min. Releived keg pressure and gently stirred in the gelatin. Resealed and applied 20# CO2.

I'm thinking it will be ready to blow out the gunk in 24 hrs. Then enjoy nice clear IPA goodness.

Yes? No? Maybe?

That should make it clear, but maybe not so much carbonated.
I don't stir, just gently pour the hot gelatin mixture on top of the cold beer.

klickitat jim:
The carb I'm not worried about, 20psi at 35° will carb it I'm sure.

24 hours takes a lot of out of the gunk out but I've found 36-48 hours to be slightly better.  If you give it a full 4-5 days you'll be amazed at the clarity.

This is my preferred method for making the gelatin mixture:

It will fall out pretty quickly.  I usually give it a few days but 24 hours should get most of it out if the beer was already chilled.


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