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First All-Grain - Overall success.

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Just wanted to share the news with I am really excited.  I brewed my first all grain batch yesterday.

Things with rather smooth. I did some planning the night before and mashed-in at 5am (I was excited to get started).  I batch sparged and things went as planned.  Hit temps for the most part (some hot water here and some extra stirring there).

Couple of things I learned.  I was aiming for roughly 7 gallons of wort and ended up with 6.  Not ideal so I need to adjust for water absorption.  After boil I ended up with 5 gallons which wasn't ideal. 

I also broke my hydrometer by backing into the table during sparge which I was rather bummed about because I couldn't check efficiency or OG. 

Also did my first yeast starter and all went as planned.  Yeast took off in 5 hours and it is now fermenting like crazy.

Oh well...I wasn't fazed as I was too excited about my first all-grain brew day. 

Big shout out to all of you for the help and encouragement along the way and Denny for his advice and write up on batch sparging. 

Oh...I brewed a Pale Ale. 

Thanks for reading.

Excellent! My only suggestion for next time is to wait until 8ish before you mash in  :P

Congrats !  It's a great feeling. It only gets better.

And work on those volumes  :) !

As you move forward everything will get easier:)


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