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Late 1800's early 1900's? Sandblasted and plated bottle cappers

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Very nice, found this one at the flea market for $10

$10 is a steal! I actually just broke one of the ones I had zinc plated, the handle snapped. I picked up another one that's similar to the one you just posted, but haven't put it to use yet (it's still a bit crusty, needs some work) Ha, capped 250 bottles on Saturday with the one though!  ;D

Those look really sweet!  I'm surprised one of them broke - they do look way over-engineered.  But then again, I wonder how many bottles they've capped in their time?  I'd think about cutting a gasket to sit in the base so the bottles aren't resting right on the metal.  Or maybe you could paint on some of that liquid silicone stuff that you can use to dip your tool handles in. 

So that's your garage design showroom?  What does your actual home garage look like?  Either way, it's damn inspiring.  Really nice!


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