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My wife and I are looking to get some custom beer glasses and other barware for our home brewery.  Nothing fancy, just some items to put our logo on.  Does anyone have a company they would recommend?


These folks do our club's engraved mugs (logo and member's name below:

Example:  Beautiful results with our fairly complex logo.  Very responsive, family operation.  I can't say enough good things about them, we place new orders about every 12-15 months.

(We get the Libby 12.5 oz. Deco beer mug.  No minimums, perfect size.)

The Belgian tulip glass on the link I posted is my favorite beer glass. i don't have any of them engraved, though I should, but every time I break one I order a few to replace it.  Perfect glass for every style.

Haven't ordered from them but thinking about it, reasonable pricing and no minimum order required, sounds intriguing...........


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