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I am trying the Brew in a Bag for the 1st time, brewing up a Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter. I am an all grain brewer and brew on a 3 tier setup but it is a pain to take to our clubs group brews so I thought that I would give the BIAB a chance and see how it goes using just my keggle, and if it works out I will cut down on all the crap I have to lug to the group brew days.

Wow, I have to research how to do that.

I hope to include BIAB in the talk I'm giving at NHC this summer.  I've never tried it, so I'd appreciate hearing about technique and results from anyone who's used it.

Well I over shot my pre boil volume by 1  1/2 gallons so I had to do a 2 hour boil, but man is is alot easier than using the MT and HLT and transfering all the liquid around. So now on my next batch I will adjust my water by about 1 1/2 gallons, I  thought that I accounted for the dead space in the MT and grain absorption(it was a lot less because you let the bag drain) but I guess I didn't. 

How difficult is it to lift this bag out of the wort? How big of a batch?


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