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Hi folks,

How many strains of yeast does this crowd keep around the house?  I have started to save and wash the yeast cake from my past two brews.  I end up with 4 jars of each.  I am ending up taking up quite a bit of space in the refrigerator. 

In my opinion, one of the cool things of being a homebrewer is being able to use as many different strains as I would like.  Economics become more important to bigger brewers and they may need to limit production to one or two strains. But this is my hobby, not my job!

I need to give away some of the yeast to brewing friends. But I think my answer to my question is 1.  One house strain to keep and have available all the time.  The next question is which house strain?  ;D

I always use dry yeast. I like the storage feature :) I have BRY 97 for my American Ales, S 04 for my British ales, Nottingham for my IPA's, and Windsor Ale for my Stouts, porters, or anything else I want to showcase the malts in.

I always have a few packs of US-05 on hand and I've recently started keeping some 1056 in the fridge.  I'm doing what was suggested in another thread and make my 1056 starters 500ml larger than what's needed.  After pitching the necessary amount of starter, I save the 500ml extra, transfer into a sanitized mason jar of boiled/cooled water.  I now will always have fresh 1056 ready to go in the fridge and US-05 as a backup. 

I might do the same with a Belgian yeast, but haven't decided which Belgian would be my house yeast (1214, 3522, or 3787).

Other than that, when I brew a particular style that calls for a different yeast, I'll just pick it up at my LHBS.

I usually keep 1056, 1450 and 3787 around on a regular basis, as well as some 05 in case of emergencies.

I have several strains banked in a freezer but I normally keep 1-2 strains in my fridge. Usually I have a neutral or English strain for the majority of beers I make in a year but then I'll use 2-3 other strains in the course of a year. I either buy them or pull them out of the freezer, use what I need and then bank them in the freezer until I need them next.


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