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Traditional Mead ? Dry or Semi-sweet

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So i have made a traditional Tupelo Mead 100% Tupelo honey.  My ? is it finished at 1.000 and i am gonna enter it in a local fair comp and dont know what category to place it in.  It is around 10%ABV and is dry on the mouth however, it taste sweet to me because of the honey. Should i call it a Dry (24A) or a semi-sweet (24B)?

By the gravity reading its dry, and that is where I would enter it if you think the judges are experienced.

Read the style guidelines while you drink some.  Enter it as whatever it tastes most like.

and this is the problem with judging.......

1.000 is a far cry from being semi-sweet as far as wine goes, don't know if mead is different but I'd enter it as dry if it just had a hint of sweetness.


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