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Re: White Mould Issue
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I saw this film one time on an ale and it was the cause of a slew of issues for me that I cleared up by removing offending bucket, auto siphon and tubing from use on non-sours.  I have recently done a Roselare Flanders Red and don't think I got all the auto siphon and tubing sufficiently clean, so it spread to a lager - just a light clovey aftertaste, so it is drinkable and not even noticeable to others, unless I bring it up.  So, new buckets, hoses and autosiphon are on the list.  For my 15 gallon primaries used on 10 gallon batches - each is undergoing a thorough cleaning and a one week PBW soak.  I just happened to get two new Speidel 60L fermenters, so those will be guarded closely and cleaned meticulously.  Hopefully no sporulation in the brew house, but I think I may just deep clean the basement carpet later in the fall when the heat is on in the can never be too careful.  I just hope that the Brett doesn't leak through the airlock or jump out into the air when racking...
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