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I am contemplating (rather seriously) about starting a Craft Beer and Home Brew Supply. All the standards (beer, wine kits) as well as a growler bar and selection of regional craft beer. My question is: What keeps you going to the HBS you frequent? Is it location? The only one around? Selection, quality? Would you travel farther if you liked the store better? What is it that keep you coming back again and again? I want to do all I can to make the first time you stop in, the best experience. I personally frequent one that is 40 minutes away. There are others, but farther away. The store is OK, but is small and a little disheveled due to no place for extra inventory. I see a lot that I can improve on. But who is better to ask than a potential client?

klickitat jim:
Also I email him what I want, he gets it, I pick up when convenient

I go because the place is clean and well stocked, but mainly because the guy who runs it (and his wife) are such great people and I enjoy talking to them.

I go for the convenience. I have two shops relatively close by both carry the same stuff.

One is 15 minutes away and a little pricey for tubing and hardware. I do most of my shopping here.

The second is 20-35 minutes away depending on if I want to pay for the toll road. They offer a blanket 10% discount if you sign up for their free "club." I go here if I need  bottles, buckets, or other hardware.

The people.  My LHBS (The Brew Hut in Aurora, CO) has just about everything you need and most of it is at a reasonable price.  The staff is awesome and even if I can find what I need cheaper online, I still go by and get it from them to support them.  Customer service is always the deciding factor for me.  It does help that they are only about 10 minutes away and attached to Dry Dock Brewing.

Each month I get a 15% off one item coupon (can't use on Blichmann stuff) from them and use it on sacks of grain.  They also do cool events such as homebrewer's night, host a coulple of competitions and they send out a nice email newsletter each month that has the 15% coupon, recipe of the month, specials, etc...


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