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which dry yeast strain do you prefer?

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Hi! just wondering which strain do you prefer for american styles and why? us05 or bry-97?


I haven't done any side-by-side comparisons to taste the differences between all the different dry yeasts, but I think most people will agree that US-05 is the "old reliable" one that people really like to use.  It's cheap and effective and clean for all American styles.

I could almost say the same for Nottingham ale yeast, which is the old "old reliable".  It is typically a great yeast as well, when it works, but a handful of times over the years they have run into quality issues (i.e., yeast was dead on arrival).  When it works it works great.  When it doesn't... could be 5 gallons down the drain.  That being said you could always keep an extra pack or two on hand for emergencies.  It's cheap insurance.

And don't forget S-04 for British styles...and 34/70 for lagers (though I never had problems with "fruity" S-23 fermented cold - 46F).  Really, I think the dry yeasts are so convenient that I almost don't need liquids - I said almost....

Pretty amazing how good dry yeast has gotten since I started brewing. US-05 is one of my go to yeasts, but I think you can make qualioty beer from just about any dry yeast on the market now.

I think BRY-97 is really underrated, especially for beers that aren't particularly hoppy.

Even factoring in the lag time on the first pitch, following the manufacturer's pitching rates, I got aggressive fermentations that hit terminal gravity within 7 days and had a nice clean taste. Subsequent pitches had a significantly reduced lag time as well.

That being said, 500g of US-05 is literally almost half the price of BRY-97 and while it performs a little slower, still has decent flavor and doesn't have the same sort of perception issues with hoppy beers.


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