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Who Uses a Blow-Off Tube and When?

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Had a major blow-off on my Hefe - thought "No way - I pitched at less than 60 F and set the ferm-fridge to 62 F!" What a mess! It was WLP300.

OK, so I need to get a blow-off tube, and my question is this: Who uses a blow-off tube and when, and for what yeast strains or beer styles?

I use one for every beer so I can use a carboy hood with a thermowell. I ferment 5.5 gallons in a 6 gallon better bottle. I like the *bloop* sounds the blowoff makes.

Fore sure use with Hefe, Kolsh, and Big Beers.

I use a blow off for every batch I make.  Otherwise, by the time you discover you need one it's usually too late.  I have found that there's no down side to using one.  I generally leave it on for the first week or 2 of fermentation simply because there's no reason to remove it.

klickitat jim:
Me too. The reason for switching to an airlock is making room in the freezer for another batch

I make small batches with usually tons of head space.  So 3787/530 is about the only time.  It seems to love to try to escape right before it is done working.


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