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So I have a bland lager on tap...

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I was contemplating dumping it because it's just blah. It's a 4 gallon batch, mostly Rahr pils, and a little munich, and I think a little acid malt to bring down the pH (used RO water with enough calcium chloride to get to 50ppm and pH to 5.4 as per Bru'n water). Mittelfruh to about 18 IBUs, and fermented with 34/70, 5.3%. It's just blah. I'm finding I don't like Rahr pils, just don't care for the malt character. I'm thinking it has to be the malt I don't like about this beer. I've brewed essentially the same recipe with my tap water, RO water, US-05 fermented at 58F, and 34/70 at 48F. Has the same flavor I just don't like.

So, last night I was lying sleepless in bed, and the thought popped in my head that maybe I could keg hop it with something. Maybe that'll turn it around, I don't know.

What do y'all think? Aside from the malt flavor I don't care for, the beer tastes pretty clean.
Or is there anything else I could do to make it so I don't want to dump this beer? I have several others waiting to be drank. Sucks because it's not bad enough to dump, but it's not really that good.
Thoughts? Concerns?

Cheersk und beersk!


Our local Rock Bottom just had a REALLY nice Pils on tap that was dry-hopped with Cascade. Great beer.

If you've got the keg space, you could split it and do some dry hop experiments. A light, 'blah' beer is a great base.

I don't have the keg space unfortunately. I have a chest freezer that fits 4 kegs, 2 taps. All space is taken. So...I could pick something and dry hop it in a bag. I've heard it take a few weeks at kegerator temps for the hops to start peaking.

Dry hopping it might help. When I do it I use a women's white knee-high nylon stocking with a stainless steel nut tied off in the bottom/toe to weigh it down. Drop it in quickly & close the lid fast or you'll have an old faithful on your hands. Been there! Leave it at room temp for a week or two and then back into the kegerator. You can leave the hops in the keg for the entire time as long as it stays cold.

Another option is to make a Jalapeno tincher and add 2-3 ml to the pint before you pour it.  Cheers!!!

I made my first "IPL" back in the day in a similar situation. I took a blander than intended pale lager, threw a few oz of hops into a paint strainer bag, and into the keg. Made it alot more interesting.


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