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 In getting to move to Idaho, I decided I should get my CFC license. Worked with the stuff for 15 years now, but never had my green card. Took the practice test today. Before studying, I got 58% of 272 questions. So, hopefully a week or two of studying, I'll pass. Now I realized why I was ome schooled, and graduated early. I HATE books!!!

EDIT : title of topic changed, o sound less gay.  :-[

Oh man, I love books.

I dont know about "he" books though. Sounds a little gay.

+1. Please remember this is a family friendly forum. Keep you proclivities to yourself. Thanks.

My wife and kids were totally offended by that. Shame on you.  ;)


Sorry, didnt mean to upset anyone. "He" books are fine. What ever you are into man.

Hey weaze, is that something like a CDL license? If it is I hope you never do anything like this.



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