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  i have only done a few at most. and they were basic, however, one of my colleagues has an orchard and an over abundance of apples.  he wants to try to make his own cider. both alcoholic and not alcoholic.  does anyone have any recommendations on shredding the apples, pressing etc?

On anything bigger than a very small scale you are going to want to rent a cider mill set up. it's a grinder and a press. Usually one rinses the apples well in sanitizer and then grinds and presses.

thanks. it will probably be small scale.  he did buy a press. he found some forum where guys make grinders out of garbage disposals. we'll see

A recommendation is to wait for the apples to become soft, perhaps not ideal for eating, for ease of grinding and pressing.  No personal experience tho.

Yeah, you want to "sweat" the apples for maybe a week or so after you pick them.  Drew just put out a book on cider you might want to pick up...


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