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theDarkSide: start distributing to NH!!  ;D

Pawtucket Patriot:
Congrats, man!  Now go sell some beer! ;)

Let the good times roll!



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Congrats Mic! I'm going on my 3rd anniversary myself and started out on a 1 bbl system .... well, 55 gallon kettles. You can actually produce about 2.5 bbls of beer (a little over, actually) by adding two 55 gallon BKs and two 55 gallon MTs and you can have just 1 HLT. It's not really that much extra work to run two BKs. The plastic conicals in a cold room wrapped with heat wraps and insulation make great fermentors and you can get precise temp control. In the end, it all boils down to labor and production - the more beer you can make in said amount of hours. If you can make 2.5 bbls in the same amount of time as you can make 10 .... welll .... you get the picture.


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