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First Lager Attempt, taste like popcorn!

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I made my first lager and at about 80% fermentation I took a sample, it was delicious.  Very clean and malty. At that point I raised the temperature to 60 degrees in my chamber for about a week.  (someone told me that this works great for a diacetyl rest, because my house is very warm and I didn't want to bring it to room temp)  I sampled one week later it and still had a decent flavor but the popcorn aroma and taste was now dominating. 

Can I recover this? Whats my next step?

That'll be diacetyl. You can raise it to 68, but it may take a couple of days for the yeasties to clean that up.

How long has it been at 60?

Let it sit on the yeast for another week or two, that should clean up the diacetyl.  I'd even be tempted to take the beer out and let it warm up even more at this point.

So my house is 78, and this is in my man cave with poor airflow.  So its more like 80-85, is this too warm or should I keep it in the chamber?

Keep it cool in the 60s.  The diacetyl will be 100% gone in the next week or two.


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