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I brewed a saison using the WLP 585 (Belgian Saison III Yeast) 3 weeks ago. Today, I have a gravity reading of 1.020. Is this ok? How can i get it to finish? Thanks in advance for the input.

Can you provide some more info? Extract or all grain. What were the fermentables? What was the fermentation temp? What was your process? This info will help to better answer you question.

Without knowing any of this I'd say try to warm the beer up a few degrees and see if the yeast reactivate.

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yeah bump the temp up to the 80* range and rouse the yeast. even with really unfermentable wort you should get below 1.020 assuming the OG was in the 1.050 range.

All grain
5.5# pilsner malt
1# munich
0.5# flaked wheat
2# honey at flame out

Single infusion, medium body, fly sparge

Fermentation temp 72 degrees.
OG 1.053

This makes no sense. Are you using a refractometer for final gravity?


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