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Tartness with wlp300


Recently kegged a dunkelweizen (BCS recipe). Noticed a fair amount of tartness in a sample during racking, which kind of overwhelmed the banana and clove flavor profile I was expecting (those flavors are present, but like i said, a but overwhelmed by this tartness) Pitched at 60, strong ferment at 62, raised to 66 days 7-10 and then it sat on the yeast another week. After carbonating, the tartness has dropped off some, but it's still present. I've read what I could about it on the interwebs, and I gather the yeast just throws this flavor sometimes? Should I expect it to age out? Is it preventable, if so how?

Weizenbiers certainly tend to have a little tartness.  If you don't like it, then maybe weizen is just not your style.  Personally I like it a little tart.  Perhaps you could add a sprinkle of baking soda to increase the pH a bit.  But I wouldn't recommend it.

I'd be alright with a little, but where its at currently overwhelms the esters/phenols and malt flavor.


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