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Samuel Adams Ruby Mild

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--- Quote from: alestateyall on August 29, 2013, 06:22:10 PM ---Sounds like mild can describe a large range of beers. My original comment is based on the BJCP category 11A Mild. This definition of milds describes beers with ABV between 2.8-4.5%.

I have had some very tasty home-brewed beers which fit into BJCP 11A. I would like commercial brewers to offer some also.

Mind you I am in Mississippi so I don't have a great selection to draw from at the beer store.  Maybe these beers just aren't being sold here.

--- End quote ---

yeah, modern milds are session beers. There really aren't a lot of breweries on this side of the pond that are packaging milds. I guess that's not totally out of line as mild was, and is still to some extent anyway, a cask conditioned beer.

Heck, I had a hard time finding cask milds on my last trip to England.  They may not be common anywhere but the Midlands, much less the Southern U.S.


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