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Re: Cooler for all grain
« Reply #30 on: September 07, 2013, 02:39:43 AM »
I use a 40 quart igloo marine rectangular - with a slight adaptation of the Dennybraid (copper elbow with silicone sleeve and SS dryer lint filter) -  but I made one drastic move to improve my efficiency - my cooler is WHITE!!!  (I know - sacrilege).  I hope my Bo Pils turns out okay.  ;)

Apparently you didn't enjoy the sack of grain that magically appeared in your blue cooler every 4 or 5 brews.  :P

So can I spray paint my white cooler blue for the sack of grain? 8) :P

I use a rectangle igloo qt igloo for 10 - 15 gal batches.

I don't know if you'd get a sack, but you might get a few pounds of specialties and up your efficiency by about 3%