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Bohemia pilsen brewferm extract (sugar question)

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Hi everyone!

I'm about to use a brewferm hopped extract (makes 19l) and was wondering how can I brew it without adding sugar (using part of the extract for priming). The instructions say I need to add 1kg of sugar before fermentation.

How can I avoid putting that sugar? Brewing less beer?

Thanks in advance!

If it were me, I'd stick to the directions.  That amount of sugar won't hurt you.  :)

If it tells you to add the sugar before fermentation it's not for priming. and 1 kilo to 19 liters is way too much. I think what's going on here is a desire for lighter body than you are going to get with the extract alone. I would add the sugar but if you want to leave it out just leave it out. there will be less alcohol in the finished beer and the body might not be as light and crisp but it will be beer.

Thanks for the answers!

I think I will use half the suggested and check what happens!

I only have cane sugar available. Do you think Its bad for the taste?

Also, how much sugar should I use for priming? Or should I use part of the extract?


Cane sugar won't add any flavor (most sugars won't), but at the same time it won't do any harm.  Personally, I'd follow the directions and use the amount of sugar called for.  That's how you;ll get the correct body and gravity for the beer.  For priming, don't use's not 100% fermentable.  Table sugar works great for priming.  I use about 1 oz. of sugar for every gal. of beer.


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