Author Topic: Pumpkin Ale - First Recipe Ive Come Up With. Opinions?  (Read 1006 times)

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Pumpkin Ale - First Recipe Ive Come Up With. Opinions?
« on: September 02, 2013, 01:34:54 AM »
So this is my second attempt at homebrewing and this time i wanted to make my own recipe. trying to get some opinions and pointers.

Batch size-5 Gallon, Partial Mash

Method: Partial Mash
Style: Fruit Beer
Boil Time: 60 min
Batch Size: 5 gallons (fermentor volume)
Boil Size: 3 gallons
Boil Gravity: 1.086 (recipe based estimate)
Efficiency: 75% (brew house)


Amount    Fermentable                   PPG    °L    Bill %
6 lb   Liquid Malt Extract - Light              35   4   80%
0.5 lb   American - Carapils (Dextrine Malt)   33   1.8   6.7%
0.5 lb   American - Caramel / Crystal 10L   35   10   6.7%
8 oz   Brown Sugar                           45   15   6.7%
7.5 lb    Total              

Amount    Variety    Type    AA    Use    Time    IBU
1 oz   Mount Hood    Pellet   4.8   Boil   60 min   13.2

Mash Guidelines
Amount    Description    Type    Temp    Time
3 gal      Infusion   155 F   30 min

Other Ingredients
Amount    Name    Type    Use    Time
45 oz   pumpkin               Mash   30 min
45 oz   pumpkin               Boil   5 min
1 tsp   ground cinnamon      Boil   2 min
0.5 tsp ground nutmeg           Boil   2 min
0.25 tsp ground allspice    Boil   2 min
0.5 tsp ground dried ginger   Boil   2 min
0.5 tsp ground cloves           Boil   2 min
0.5 lb   lactose                      Boil   10 min

Fermentis / Safale - American Ale Yeast US-05
Attenuation (avg): 72%    
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Re: Pumpkin Ale - First Recipe Ive Come Up With. Opinions?
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2013, 01:48:23 PM »
Trying to do a spiced pumpkin ale as your second attempt at homebrewing seems pretty ambitious. I can understand you might be anxious to forge your own path, but this is fairly complex. If you are still determined, though, I do have a few thoughts...

You didn't mention what yeast you are using, but I assume this is based on some other base beer? Or - is this based on some other pumpkin beer recipe? What made you decide on these particular ingredients?

Adding the pumpkin to the boil will make a big mess in the brew kettle. Be prepared for that.

There is no point in mashing just cara/crystal grains (there are no enzymes for conversion). You should just steep them. If you want to mash the pumpkin, you should do so with some base malt (6-row would be ideal) to provide enzymes needed for conversion. That will take longer than the 30 minutes you noted.

As to adding the spices to the boil - keep in mind that once added, they cannot be removed. I tend to make a strong "tea" with spices, and add to taste after fermentation and prior to bottling or kegging. That way you can control the final flavor. In either case, for cinnamon, it's better to use the sticks than the ground version - a little goes a long way and too much will not only be overpowering, but will make your beer "hot".

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Re: Pumpkin Ale - First Recipe Ive Come Up With. Opinions?
« Reply #2 on: September 08, 2013, 01:58:09 PM »
Boiling the pumpkin won't make a mess in the kettle if you put it in a fine mesh bag.  Roast the pumpkin first in the oven with brown sugar until soft and separate the flesh from the skin. I've always boiled the pumpkin.  Taste's great. I don't see what purpose the lactose serves.  Up the brown sugar if you want more fermentables.  If you want the "silky" character of milk stouts, add a touch (just a touch) of vanilla) close to bottling/kegging time.  I'd be a lot more aggressive with the cinnamon.  I use 4 tsp and add some later in the secondary to get it up to taste.
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