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Author Topic: Easy and Delicious Lawnmower/Party Beer  (Read 2367 times)

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Easy and Delicious Lawnmower/Party Beer
« on: May 17, 2010, 11:57:25 am »
Just wanted to share a brew that turned out great.  It was meant to be a bit lower in gravity, but I think the package of LME was mislabeled.  It still turned out light and easy to drink, but about 8% abv and with a nice little complexity.  Total sneak attack, though, and it's a good idea to have a couple chili dogs or a burger in your stomach when you start drinking.

This was meant to be a cream ale, but maybe it's more like a pre-prohibition cream ale because of the high gravity.  I made it for a baby shower and the guys loved it.  Put it up on my blog, too.  (Beware, blog is lame.)

Tyson's Punch Out
American Cream Ale
5 gallons

6 lbs. Alexander's Pale LME (probably more like 8 lbs.)
1 lb. Dry Rice Extract
1/2 lb. Cane Sugar

1/2 oz. Columbus hops (14.2% AA) boiled for 40 minutes
1 oz. Saaz hops (3.5% AA) boiled for 1 minute.

Fermented with 1 packet of Nottingham Dry Yeast

OG: 1.070
FG: 1.010
SRM: 5 (yellow)
ABV: ~8%