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This goes with my earlier Oktoberfest thread. It will most likely be easier for me to roast a whole pig, so I'm leaning that direction. A friend of mine has used those 'cajun microwaves' before, I'm wondering what y'all think of them. It's either that or a spit roast. I am leaning towards the spit, because I like to put on a show.


I've personally never used one, but I have a few friends who have used the "Cajun Microwave" and have had great success w/ them.  I've never had a hog that was cooked over a spit roast, so couldn't give you any comparison.  I currently cook my hogs in my smoker, however, before I had a smoker large enough, we cooked them in cinder block pits. 

+1 to the Imu  ;D  I've eaten many kalua pig from an imu, but have yet to cook one in a hole in the ground.

Joe Sr.:
+2 to the Imu.  My cousin did a pig like this in early August.  It was awesome.

If you have room to dig the hole, go for it.

If not, the spit could be a nice spectacle at the party.

Well about 200 feet from my house is a big 'ol river, so I'm guessing the hole would fill pretty quickly with water, no?


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