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Using Sanke Kegs

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My local nano where I help out uses PBW in the keg washer.  You invert the keg, then blow the cleaning solutions up the spear, and drain out the CO2 port.

Invert, PBW recirculate, blow it out, hot water rinse, blow it out, repeat rinse, blow it out, SaniClean recirculate, CO2 blow it out, repressurize with CO2.


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--- Quote from: Thirsty_Monk on September 06, 2013, 04:36:04 PM ---To wash senkey keg you need to invert keg upside down and sprey cleaning solution to beer out and collect it at CO2 port. I recirculate with pump but I know people who do it with CO2.

Let me know if you want to see some pics. There is online manual that talk about cleaning cycle.

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What do you use for the cleaning solution?

I do this with a pump and sprayer with hot pbw for corny kegs.  The commercial keg washers I've seen in action use steam or caustic, though.  I can't think of a reason that a sanke keg wouldn't work with pbw, but I've never tried.

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PBW works o.k. if you use it run it at 120F.
Now I use HD caustic 2.
Works much better.

You can find a manual how to operate keg washer here


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