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Wheels for new brewstand?!

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So I had some construction done on the house and they needed to build a temporary wall. I paid for all the lumber so when they tore it down I thought, why not? Lets build a brewstand!

Anyone have any suggestions for wheels for this thing? The legs are 2x4s and the caster wheels I see on Home Depot have a plate no smaller than 2" which probably won't secure well.
Any other ideas? Wheels with locks would be ideal.

Steve in TX:
You could try attaching the casters with u-bolts.


--- Quote from: Steve in TX on September 06, 2013, 07:25:29 AM ---You could try attaching the casters with u-bolts.

--- End quote ---

that is exactly what I was going to suggest

Use a sheet if plywood for a bottom and then you can attach some nice locking rubber casters and also create a lower storage shelf as well:)

It looks like you'll be moving across yard so maybe lawn mower or wheel barrel wheels with threaded rod for axel and what ever mounting bracket that will work.


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