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Double lever corker


I bought a whole mess of equipment from a former brewer. I was mostly interested in the three kegs and eight carboys he was offloading.

Included in the whole lot was one of these double lever corkers.

Will it work on Belgian bottles? If not I will sell it since I do not like wine.

Just got finished using one of those on a batch of wine. I think you might be able to keep the cork sticking out a bit if you put a stopper of some sort on the upper part of the shaft.

I believe you are supposed to be able to put a #6 stopper on the shaft so it only pushes the cork in halfway. I haven't done it myself but I am pretty sure I have read that in more than one place.

Thanks for the replies... Google searches didn't turn up much and none of the HBSs that sell this model mention Belgians. I'll have to stop by my LHBS and grab some corks to give it a shot.

Thanks again!

Joe Sr.:
Post back if it works.  I've given up bottling in Belgian bottles.  I was using plastic corks and some worked, some didn't.  Just not worth the effort in the end.

If I can make the corks work with a reasonably priced corker, I might get back at it.  I've got a couple cases of bottles out in the garage...


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