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Trouble with gas posts

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I have a few ball lock kegs that seem to mostly have these gas posts with a star pattern.  I'm not too happy with them, they are infuriating to try and get off as I can't use a socket wrench (works fine with the liquid posts which have typical shape), and would love to find a replacement or better way to get them on and off.  Any idea what type these are?  Tried looking on keg but can't find any manufacturing marks to describe the keg (Firestone, challenger, etc).  I bought a matching gas post compared to the liquid post (it is def a gas post) but the threads are different I guess cause it won't screw on.

Joe Sr.:

Have you tried a twelve-point socket?  How about a wrench?

As you've found, parts are not necessarily interchangeable.

klickitat jim:
I use a 7/8" end wrench. Just bought a new clean one and dedicated it to my kegging kit.
Remember when you assemble it only needs to be tight enough to compress the o ring on the tube (in or out)  Anything more is overkill.

+1 to 7/8", box end 12 point wrench.

In The Sand:

--- Quote from: Big Al on September 08, 2013, 11:49:17 AM ---+1 to 7/8", box end 12 point wrench.

--- End quote ---

+1 and I have only one oddball keg that uses an 11/16" wrench.


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