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... looks to me like the large container is the size of a loaf of bread, and the small container is the size of a sandwich.

This seems to be a next evolutionary step technology.  I've used those "Seal-A-Meal" whatsits with the hot wire and bags and the sucker things that try to vacuum out your Tupperware, and they're rather... irritating.  This is going, "That's a good idea.  How about doing it not-stupid?"

Risk of first generation tech being crappy is kind of high here.  Failing seals and electronics are common in primary runs.  On the other hand, these folks appear German; German engineering I trust.  Besides, this looks like something I want to encourage.

Guess I'll bite.  Fresh-made sandwiches are good, but not so good 5 hours later when you fetch them from the office refrigerator.  This interests me.


Jimmy K:
Not sure how it's different than a FoodSaver with the canister accessories.


--- Quote from: mtnrockhopper on September 10, 2013, 08:17:32 PM ---Not sure how it's different than a FoodSaver with the canister accessories.

--- End quote ---

Thanks.  :)

Looks like... it's not much different!  Different form factor (the FoodSaver looks like a traditional vacuum bag style with a hose; this is more a canister with an integrated vacuum, with a hose to vacuum other canisters), but in the end the FoodSaver lets you hook up a hose to a canister and vacuum it out.

The major difference is the canister form factor.  Which is really no difference at all; sure one's round and one's square, but the fact is "there's canisters, they may or may not be in a shape you like, otherwise these are the same thing."

Good catch.

The Professor:
I'll stick with the FoodSaver (and it's clones) because you have the option of doing jars or bags.  I'm partial to the bags, myself

I'll stick with living on Hawaii Island.  Wild fruit grows everywhere here, free for the picking.  No need for seal-a-meal.


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