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Re: Resin
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I bet cat pee tastes nothing like it smells. Probably tastes like swiss cheese, only sweeter.

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Re: Resin
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As far as I'm concerned, both "resinous" and "dank" are broad terms that convey a sense of weight.  I would expect thicker, heavier flavors from a beer described this way.  Almost viscous.

I had Resin last weekend (albeit at the end of a long session so my recollections are not necessarily crystal clear) and it was a sippin' beer, not one you would quaff.  Heavier, viscous.

While there may be ambiguity on the specific flavors you might expect to taste, I think both are more broad descriptors of the overall impression of the beer.  I wouldn't expect a light, bright, fruity beer if someone said it was resinous.

Also, a fruity beer could be grapefruit, lemon, etc.  Fruity being the broad descriptor of a whole range of flavors.
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Re: Resin
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I like to refer to resinous to the hop character in beers similar to Hop-Stoopid or Ruin 10. Lingering bitter, hoppy, sometimes spicy hop character. Long lasting in the finish and sometimes enjoyable if balanced properly.
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Re: Resin
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What about Stone Best By?  I thought it was pretty dang dank.
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