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Oxygen flow meter?

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Where do you get it refilled?


--- Quote from: hopfenundmalz on September 17, 2013, 07:31:31 PM ---Where do you get it refilled?

--- End quote ---

The short answer is: at a local medical supply store.  They just exchange it on the spot for a full one.

The longer answer is that this tank was purchased from Lincare, a national company.  They WILL NOT exchange or refill one of their tanks unless one has a Dr's. prescription.  I thought I was out $100.  Until I went to the local mom-n-pop medical supply store.  They said they could do it.  But then showed me that the tank was full - I just had the main valve off.  I'm happy again.

klickitat jim:
Easy way... find tare weight on bottle. Weight it. The difference is how much gas you have.

I don't even know why we are worried about medical vs welding 02.  I have used welding exchange five lb tanks for years with no problem.  Throw a cheap Harris gauge on it and you are there.  You will get at least 40, 5 gal kegs out of the tank.  I leave it slightly open all the time so it never sucks wort into the sintered stone or metal until I drop it into the starsan. 

From what I've discovered; oxygen is filled into welding tanks and medical tanks using the same master system, same oxygen, same everything. The difference is when it leaves the filling plant - chain of custody (and tank configuration) is what really separates "medical-grade" and "welding-grade" oxygen.

No matter the source of the tank or oxygen, I'll still feel better with medical-grade regulators and flow meters - just "feels" more sanitary to me.


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