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Today was a great day, we let the dogs out for a stretch.   ;D  Percy is one of my favorites, she is so fast and stays close until I give her the go-ahead... then all I can say is its amazing to watch her.  I know she hits speeds of 40+ mph, she's the fastest b**** we've got.  SlimJim is hard to clock, he likes to run next to any dog I put him with so it only leads me to believe that he can put out a little more.  I've never ran him with Percy but its coming.  I even got my wee dog out for an hour or two today, as usual he's full of hunt.

I'd like to put a long kennel off the back of my brewshed, I've got about 450 feet straight out the back that I could fence for them but I'm not sure if I want to dedicate that much room for them or if I can afford the fence they'll need for it.  I love to watch them run but I also need to reserve some space for a few head of cattle I want to get this summer if things work out.  As it is, we take them out of their current kennels which are quite large by most standards and let them have a stretch... sometimes they visit our neighbors and nobody has complained but still we like it if we know where they are at all times so we're going to look into some appropriate fencing for them.  Hell, I wish I could fence the property entirely but I'd have to win the lottery to do that.   :D  No matter, they get plenty of time to play here and there, my buddy has nearly 700 acres they can run on even if I couldn't run them at home.   :)  I've been a dog person most of my life and I love to watch a dog do what it was bred to do, whether its a labrador or a terrier, they all have their unique abilities that they accel at.   8)

Have you considered an invisible fence? They work for little dogs, but not sure about big ones. I don't have one myself.

I live on a hill in the middle of the woods. There are about 2 acres cleared around the house and so far, all dogs that come here ( living or visiting), seem to view the tree line as a fence. They will occasionally wonder into the woods a little, but always come back. They'll perk up when they hear the coyotes howl some nights, but that's about it. No wondering into the woods then. I think they know better.

Ha!  Funny you mention coyotes... I don't worry about them getting to my dogs so much as the neighbors do their dogs but then mine aren't really pets like most people's dogs.  My wee terrier is only 14 or 15 pounds (fat right now) and he's the only one on a chain not in a kennel run so he's kind of "open" to coyotes... I pitty the first coyote that is brave enough to face him though.   :D ;D  He may be little but he be mighty and he's faced plenty of foes below ground in tighter quarters.   :D  I've retired him, not that he isn't up to hunting quarry below ground but because I'm not up to digging him out anymore... my back, shoulders and elbows just can't seem to take it anymore.   :(  I've yet to get a pup off him and he's just turning 5 years this summer but I'm looking for a suitable b**** for him to cover this year so maybe I can at least get one pup off him.  He's not used to retirement... always hunting, I have to watch him like a hawk just in case he does find a good hole to enter while he's loose.   :D

Underground fences might work for my terrier but not my sighthounds... they'd blow through it before the warning beeper could go off.   :D

It was a really good day, best I've had in several months now... we needed a day like today.   :)

When I hear them at night, it always a pack. It would be tough for any single dog to take them on, however they stay away from the house.

Coyotes are kind of an enigma... they have no loyalty even amongst themselves.  If one is wounded, and they being opportunists will turn on their own littermate and fore-go the very game they were originally after because it is difficult to acquire.  ;)  A pack can and will take a dog if it has little or no grit.  They've visited here but they seem to know, sense of well-being or what I don't know but they've left ours completely in favor of neighborhood dogs, mostly house dogs let out to relieve themselves. 


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