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My friend and I are planning a tripel in a couple weeks and I want to start growing up my yeast. I have a fresh vial of wlp530 and need yeast for 11 gallons of 1.085. Instead of stepping up big starters I would like to brew 5 gallons of a small beer and repitch the yeast for the tripel. I could use some help with the recipe. It will be brewed with extract and steeping grains and boiled only 15 minutes. Here's the ingredients I have :

4# light pilsner dme
Cane sugar
1# caramunich 1 (35L)
4 oz caramunich 2 (45L)
8 oz melanoidin malt
6 oz carapils
1# crystal 40
1# crystal 120
4 oz chocolate malt
8 oz black patent
8 oz roast barley
8 oz lactose

4 oz saaz
1# tettnang
1# simcoe
3 oz columbus
Homegrown Cascades

I'm open to any suggestions. I just want a big, tasty starter. Thanks in advance!

Edit: wlp530 not 330

I think a session Belgian Pale Ale would work well. I didn't run the numbers but the pils DME, some cane sugar, 8 oz each of the 35L, melanoidin, and the 4 oz of the 45L would be in the ballpark. Belgians typically use noble type  hops, so a blend of the Saaz and Tettnang would work well.

I might rethink using the sugar and honey since you are in essence making a starter.  How about something similar, like a Patersbier, but which won't have the sugar?

Yep, should've rethought the sugar in this case. 

I'm not familiar with Patersbier. Would any of my available specialty grains work? Is 1.034 a high enough OG for Patersbier? Can't seem to find much info on the style.


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