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Announcing Hoppy Halloween 16 – THE BATS ARE COMING!


Good evening my ghoulish and garish brewers of the night, I have been in touch with a few flighty friends and…
THEY’RE COMING!!!!   The whole colony, including Grisha, Misha, Sasha, & Tatiana, is heading to Fargo, North Dakota and with them they bring an insatiable sinister thirst.  Check out this poster!

The convergence details:
Location – Fargo North Dakota
Entries accepted – Oct 1st to just after the Blood Moon (October 19th)
Awards Banquet – Oct 26th
Fine Details –

For those brave enough to play with these brewing bats, there will be awesome prizes, fantastic feedback, and of course medals hung from those amazing one of a kind handmade lanyards.  In his honor all 1st place medals will be adorned with their likeness – BATS!  Also special awards will be presented for Best of Show - Beer, Best of Show - Mead / Cider, Great Pumpkin and winners of the Fresh Killed Hops and the Hoppy Halloween Theme Beer categories. 

The last piece is you.  Keep tuned in to  and join our facebook group for the latest info.  We want to judge your beers!



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