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Any chance we'll be able to upload images some time in the future? I don't have, nor particularly want to have, an account with flickr or any of the other image hosting sites.

I can see where it might get out of hand, but a simple limit on bytes of storage would take care of that. (NB found a way to do it.)

I don't know, Steve, and it's not up to me.  I'll check, but don't hold yer breath!

Help! I wanna post my mutts on the dawg page, but am completely clueless on how to do so. I click insert image, and try to paste my copied pic into it. Is the pic too big? If so, I know how to fix that....


we don't host the pictures directly - you have to put them on anoterh site, like your own website or photobucket, etc and then click on the img button, place the url between the [img] tags.

Gotcha! Time to update my picassa page!


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