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Hi. My name is Amanda. I chose the name Geek Chaser because, well, Im a huge geek and it's nice that my husband is too. So much that every year for my birthday, the automatic theme is Star Wars.

I live in Lakewood, Co. I have lived here my whole life. I am a stay at home mom to two boys. I just started brewing and my first beer should be ready to drink this weekend. I am thoroughly excited! The second one should be ready to drink next weekend, and I have two fermenting right now. I am trying to get a variety 6 pack made for Christmas for everyone.
I am currently doing Partial mash brewing.  The LHBS I go to is called Barley Haven and they are amazing.  They have recipes that I choose from and they answer any questions I have.  They are even amazing to my sons when I have to bring them in.  They also deliver if I couldn't get out, so that's even nicer.
I would say that since I have started, I brew every other weekend.
So far I do not have a favorite malt or hops, but I think I will once I brew some more different types.
Right now we use our stove to brew til we can move and have more room for better equipment.  So far it is working though, so I am not terribly worried about our technique. 
I am not in a club, but I have one in mind that I cannot wait to check out, and another that is so close to me, but I have not heard back from. I hope to soon though. Til then it is just my husband and I who brew together.
We have named the first beer I made Superman Red Ale, and the milk chocolate stout I just brewed Death Start MC Stout.  I cannot wait til they are fully carbonated.
A couple that I aim to create are:  A Dune style IPA, A Dark Side Stout for National Star Wars Day, and a Black and Red called The Walking Red.

Welcome to the AHA forum. You are on the road to a great hobby, obsession, even lifestyle.

We are a well behaved bunch. Some are geeky!

I brew with my wife, so we know that it is something a married couple can share.

We definitely have a lot of fun. It started out as "my hobby" then it became "our hobby", but I take over sometimes.  ;D


Welcome to the board and your new brewing obsession!  I too brew with my wife and it's a great time when we brew together. However, with a soon to be 4-yr-old daughter, one of us is usually watching the boil while the other watches Bubble Guppies.  Colorado is a great place to be with lots of great breweries, homebrew shops and beer festivals nearby that provide unlimited inspiration!


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