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Is there anything beer cant do?


Well, is there?

As some of you might have heard we have had our share of rain up here as of late.

In our 14th year of living in this house we have never had water in our basement...............until yesterday.

I have a beer fermenting in the basement and as do many of you out there I do a daily check up/air-lock sniffing.
To my surprise, Waterworld!!!! 4+" in spots and rising....there was NONE in the basement at 9 PM the prior evening.

I have a small submersible pond pump and (while standing in water and crossing my fingers) plugged that in, ran a hose out the bulkhead and was stemming the tide so to speak....not gaining much but at least the water wasnt getting any higher.
Thankfully my friend and fellow brewer was home and my wife ran over and borrowed a pump from him, this started to get the flood waters to retreat.

Whats beer got to do with it?
Imagine, I dont go into the basement to check on the beer....wife takes our daughter to dance class, goes out to lunch with her friend and the kids, goes to the playground (first nice day we have had in a while) and we both get home yesterday afternoon!?!?!?!
Truly, there is nothing beer cant do  ;D

Water is still coming in but the pump is keeping us ahead of the game.
I'll be buying a sump pump ASAP (cant buy one locally now..............Sold Out)

I had a very similar experience - only 2", though.

Sump pump just couldn't keep up, so I threw the utility pump into service. All beer seems to have survived.

This reminds me, I need to get a bunch of plastic totes for storage in our basement in case it rains a ton this spring and the basement gets a little wet.  Better safe than sorry.

We've got a different solution around basements!  The water table is normally so high that not very many people even have a basement.

Good luck to you guys!


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