Author Topic: Doing a BIAB with too much grain  (Read 585 times)

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Doing a BIAB with too much grain
« on: August 12, 2017, 07:51:02 AM »
You realize the term "One man's trash is the one other man's treasure"? Well, together wonderful individuals other Menace Skateboards team, Eric was just that. Eric allows us to understand how he but another guys on Menace were people who no-one desired to handle in individuals days in skateboarding. Despite being considered trash, Eric and Menace could shine for almost any hot second. Extended live the '90s.

Where maybe you have develop skating? What year maybe you have start skating together with that which was the initial board?

Providence, Rhode Island, 1988, Vision Shredder complete.

Who had previously been the hometown hero?

Billy "White-colored-colored-colored Lighting" Gaza.

How maybe you have communicate with Ron Allen and begin riding

to keep things interesting?

Just chilling with Keith, Huf, Keenan, and Ben Liversedge. We simply skated together which was that. They was too strong for the time they were not ready. They was sick nevertheless it did not last extended.

Was there ever a enjoyable video within the works and could we have see some unreleased footage from individuals years?

Videos is going to be within the works. Numerous my footage is inside the Underworld Element video Fine Artists. I know Huf used his stuff legitimate, and so forth.

Maybe you have first get connected across the Colonial or you moved out West?

After I hit free airline travel, this is when everything happened. Jim Thiebaud and James Kelch got me began.

Just what are a handful of of the highest quality remembrances inside the EMB days?

Coming early and purchasing an entire day's skating and eating at Carl's, then getting out of bed to get it done again. There's lots of energy there in individuals days, plenty of fun.

If you give someone the EMB crown, who'd allow it to be for?

James Kelch was certainly the king, there is however also Mike Carroll, Henry Sanchez, Jovantae, Little Lee, Mike (a.k.a. Resn), Chico, Mike Kao, Aris , Ben, You can, and mad others all purchasing work.

When maybe you have get connected with Element and why achieved it-not exercise?

Aaron Meza really hooked that up personally. He filmed me and essentially mentioned excitedly that people was legit. I had been youthful and rude.

What year maybe you have be described as a professional skateboarder?

Think about the enjoyment ad in Slap ... early '90s.

Impart us with the entire rundown of how Menace began and exactly how these grew to become part of together. Menace was produced across the premise of, "Let us grab all of the skaters that no-one really wants to handle and begin a company.In . That was fine when camping, I had been lower. I used to be all on one sort of vibe and hang within our lives. We'd a thrilling time. We made the think and modify their strategy. Trendsetters.

Who had previously been the worst dude in '90s?

Worst dude within the '90s is most likely still the worst dude. They exist forever.

Maybe you have have beef while using the team?

Yeah, we'd cookouts constantly.

Why and the way did Menace falter?

Menace was Menace. Still banging. Big up Keenan, Lee, Joey, Billy, Javier, Justin, Fabian, Guy, Dunks, Paul T., Kareem, Shiloh, and Matt.

Perhaps you have wish to be used in skateboarding whenever you pro career ended?

I had been a skater, not only a sales repetition.

How frequently are you able to escape and skate nowadays?

Whenever I'm capable of. No schedule, just see it by ear.

What's your selected terrain to skate on isn't it about time experienced your 30s?

Similar to always.

Perhaps you have date a girl that skated?

No. My lady, Corey, can throw lower, though.

You believe Meance might have placed on a girl if she easily easily wiped out it?

Can't understand why don't you.

Wouldn't it help if she packed heat together with neck tats?

Nah, similar to extended as she could hold her within the roads and take proper proper care of they.

You emerged and shined in a unforgettable length of skateboarding. Is it possible to change anything?

No. I'd a thrilling time, enjoyed my journeys and loved approaching within the time that people did. Like Clyde pointed out, "For this reason the '90s were the very best.In . Maybe I can have demonstrated up a kickflip backside tailslide at Advantageous Gap. Is the fact there? That will feel real good to achieve this now. Wow!

Just what are a handful of items that feel similar to rad as skateboarding to suit your needs now?

Cycling. There is nothing that can compare with skylarking and methods across the fixed gear.

Who do you want to shout out or appreciate?
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Re: Doing a BIAB with too much grain
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2017, 12:52:26 PM »
This kind of defeats the purpose of BIAB but do you have a large cooler that would hold all the grain?  Does your neighbor have one.

My thought is use a big cooler for the mash/sparge, transfer as much as you can to the boil kettle, and add the rest through out the boil.

Where the heck are we going?  And what's with this hand basket?

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Re: Doing a BIAB with too much grain
« Reply #2 on: August 12, 2017, 03:09:38 PM »
I do a batch sparge similar to what you are talking about for my heavier grain bills.  What I usually do is figure out about how much water will be absorbed by the grain, subtract that from the total water needed, and then divide the remaining water half.  I then add back the amount of water which will be absorbed by the grain into the pot I will mash in. 

This, theoretically, will give about the same amount of wort from both the mash and the sparge.  I am not too particular about getting it exact, just ballpark.

I mash in my usual kettle and towards the end, heat up the pot with the sparge water in it.  I usually bring it up to around 160F or so.  When the mash is done, I pull up the bag from the mash pot, allow it to drain most of the wort out and then put the bag into the second pot.  I reopen the bag and stir the grains very well for about 5 minutes to get good contact of the grains with the sparge water.  For me, I usually then take my first kettle and put it back onto the burner and begin heating to a boil, take a reading on the volume and gravity (with a refractometer), and then pull the bag from the sparge pot.  I hang, drain, and then squeeze (yes, I am a squeezer) to remove all the free wort that I can reasonably do.  From there I take a gravity and volume of the sparge before pouring it back into the main kettle.

Overall, it takes about an extra 20 minutes over my typical full volume BIAB.  I mix the two batches of wort well before taking another gravity sample and volume measurement.  It does bring my efficiency up close to where I usually get with my full volume BIAB (mid 80's vs about 6% to 87%).

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Re: Doing a BIAB with too much grain
« Reply #3 on: August 12, 2017, 04:56:42 PM »
Since with traditional BIAB you are generally looking at a very thin mash, there's really no concern with reserving some of the water volume and adding it back after the mash.

I no-sparge in a bag-lined cooler (essentially the same idea as BIAB, but using a cooler to maintain mash temps). I limit my mash thickness to 3 qt/lb in smaller beers, and add the rest of my water after draining my bag.
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