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Pliny the Elder: Worth the 45 minute drive?

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I'm a more recent AHA member and I saw that Pliny the Elder was nominated best beer in America for Five Straight Years?!? I live in Oregon (and even close to Portland) but for some reason I can only find Pliny on tap at a pub 45 minutes from where I live. I can assume, but I wanted to ask if you all thought it was worth the drive.

Thanks for your time, Ladies & Gents.

just for that? nah. I live about 1.35 hours from Russian rivers pub and have yet to go. Have had Pliney and it's good. but it's just another IIPA. I'd even go so far as to say I have had better. Living near Portland I would guess you to could have better.

I'm always a little surprised at how much hype there is around RR's hoppy beers. I can see the reason for the hype around the sours but the hoppy beers are... hoppy. Generally well balanced and very well made. Pliney does not drink like a 8%+ beer

I would.  45 minutes is nothing.  People around here drive hours to The Alchemist (2 hours for me) to get a case of Heady Topper ( aka East Coast Pliny). 

I drive 45 minutes for my homebrew club meetings, dinner, and halfway home out of Boston on a Friday rush hour (when I used to work there).

Mort...there's only hype for the people who can't get it ;)...that and those damned beer rating sites!

Mort - it was on tap in some of the Philly bars.


Are you aware of that site^^^

Pliny the Elder-my favorite description,  "a license to print money"

IMO an excellent beer, but it's the driving home that makes me vote no.


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