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NHC Entry Limits for 2014

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Anyone heard if the entry limit will remain at 15 for the 2014 NHC? Given how quickly entry registration filled up for 2013, I could see them wanting to lower it even more.

klickitat jim:
I can't imagine coming up with 15 comp ready beers. But that's just me.

When are the first round entries accepted usually?

I have no inside information on this but I wouldn't be surprised to see it drop to the 5-10 range on limit.  Even with the 15 entry limit, the whole thing filled up in no time.

I am also curious about this since I have a very tight brew schedule for the next 5 months to get beers ready for the first round.  Right now I am at 12 entries I'm planning, but may change that depending on how a couple do in upcoming competitions.

if we include mead and cider I had at least 40 things to pick from last year.  Getting it down to 8 (as much $ as I was willing to spend) took weeks of intensive taste testing.   ;D 

Even if they don't have the information now, it would be great if the AHA could give us some dates on when certain decisions would be made/information would be released.  limits, costs, first round locations, 2015 NHC site, etc.  Or even just release some results of the various surveys they've taken.

...just my two cents.



--- Quote from: udubdawg on September 30, 2013, 07:43:25 AM --- 2015 NHC site, etc

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I'm surprised the location hasn't been rumored yet.  I hope Asheville is on the list soon...


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