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Big Green Egg?

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Well, I'm finally getting around to looking into one of these, but damn are they expensive.

I've seen some knockoffs, but is it worth it for the extra $$$ to get the Cadillac rather than the Chevy?

Vin S:
Blatz if you do a search on the forum here there was a huge disscusion on them. Seems everyone loves there BGE. This or the one that is similar in price is on my wish list.

Don't know for sure. I recommend doing some research on the BBQ Brethren forum. Start with Google and it should take you to the Brethren.

Good Luck!

You can check with your local dealers and see if any of them are doing any Egg Fests soon.  You can usually get a demo egg (used for one day at the fest) along with a few accessories for less than the price of the egg alone.

Can't say if it is better or not than the cheaper ones. All I know is that I love mine and haven't fired up the gas grill in over 3 years. Whatever style you choose I am sure you'll enjoy it.


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