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I am a big fan of session beers that capture a style but have less calories and alcohol. I think more breweries should brew session beers.

I wanted an American Brown Session Ale. So I decided to shrink a recipe and see how it turned out. I am ecstatic. This beer has a lot of brown ale character with 1040 OG, 4.1% ABV, and 130 calories. I love this beer.

Taste: starts with a mild chocolate flavor.  Flavor ends with good dose of citrus and a lingering very mild (pleasant) bitterness. Dry finish.

Here is the recipe.

Batch size: 6 gallons
OG: 1040
SG: 1008
ABV: 4.1%
SRM: 14.9
5.66# Rahr Premium Pilsner malt
2.35# Rahr 2-row malt
0.4# Chocolate malt
0.26# Caramel 40 malt
0.2# Victory malt
0.15# Honey malt

0.75 oz Cascade (6.8%) @ 60
0.25 oz Cascade (6.8%) @ 15
1 whirlfloc tablet @ 15
1 oz Zythos (10.9%) @ flame out
1 pkg. US-05 yeast @ 64F

Mash at 150F for 1 hour.

Potential improvements: this beer might be improved with some Carapils/carafoam or other malt to increase the body. Might also just increase the mash temp. Also, I subbed pilsner malt because I was nearly out of 2-row. Using all 2-row might be better.

Increase the mash temperature. A LOT. I mash my Session beers (both hoppy and sweet) at 162, otherwise they end up too dry. IMO, Mash temperature increases don't affect the sweet/bitter ratio very much. Adding crystal type malts (Cara-anything) will increase the sweetness.

+1 to mashing high for a session beer.  I would go no lower than 158 up to the mentioned 162. That looks pretty solid !

Thanks for the tips, guys. I will try a higher mash temp with future milds.

klickitat jim:
I'm going to do the same with my brown. Get it down around 1.040-45


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