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I finally figured out my OG measurment problem

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Lately I have come up consistently with low OG readings.  I do partial boil so it seemed logical that it was a poor mixture problem with the wort and the added water and I was right.  I thought that I was mixing the wort/water up enough but yesterday, as I was getting ready to take a gravity sample, I noticed that the wort at the bottom was slightly warmer than that at the top.  After doing a lot more agitating, I took a gravity sample and it was consistent with the expected value.  I now have a new agitation method that seems to work better.

You might look into getting a MixStir.  Not only will it thoroughly mix your wort and top off water, it does a killer job of aeration as it mixes!

MixStir?  I've never heard of this.  I'll have to look it up.

Like this.... . Fits in a drill.  Usually under $20.

Thanks for the link Denny.  The two places that I shop at (they ship to APO addresses) do not carry them.  I take it that the two 'wings' will collapse enough to fit through the bung of a carboy.


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