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Another brewer and I created our local club back in 2008.  He has long since stopped coming to meetings. 

Our club is doing better than ever now, and I've been the elected president of the club since it's inception.  However, I now own a small production brewery, and feel that it's time to step down from a leadership position in the club.  I will still go to meetings, and help out whenever possible. 

But, (and I hate to say this) somehow I feel this is MY club.  I know that's wrong, and it's time to let others take some leadership duties.  But, in the back of my head............

Anyway, anyone got some words of wisdom?

Not much help, but do what feels right.  Yeah, hippie dippie, I know....

Create a new job for yourself - past president.  The job of past president is to drink beer at meetings and make snide comments in the back.  Works for me. ;)

I've gone a couple of different ways - disengage for a while and let them do it, or stick around and hang out, helping where you can.  I wouldn't say either is any better or easier than the other, they are just better/easier in different ways.

Honorary Pro-brewing member. :)

klickitat jim:
Do what's best for the club.


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