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New AHA Member Can't Login to Member Content!

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Thanks man.  I'll give it a little more time.

Well, I did get an email yesterday from the AHA... but it was sent to a different email address than I thought I had given to them, so I hadn't thought to check my email there!  So now I know they have two different email addresses, which only adds to the confusion, and who knows, it might even be the cause of the whole thing.  And yes... I am still unable to login, I get an error message no matter how many times or different ways or different passwords I try to put in, or how many times I ask them to "reset my password".  I guess I'd better just leave it alone till they try to fix it again.  I did email them back again.

I'm having the same issue and joined a week ago. I've been trying from my phone, though. Right after I paid, I was able to login from my laptop once. I thought I'd give it a little time and try from my laptop again during the week. My phone may have some browser incompatibility issues.

Jimmy K:
You have to email AHA and tell them your profile name and AHA number so they can associate the two. The online system does not automatically know that you've purchased a membership. Once they are linked (basically, somebody has to check a box), then you'll have access to member content.

Hey everyone,

Member Services can also be reached by phone during normal hours:

1.three03.four47.zero816 ext. zero

(I wrote out some numbers so no bots pick it up).

They should be able to get everything squared away for those having difficulties logging into the website.



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