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Northern Brewer Bourbon Barrel Porter (Extract)


If anyone is looking for information on specific kits here is one I enjoyed!

I finally was able to drink my brewed up batch of Norther Brewer's Bourbon Barrel Porter I made a couple of months back. It has been about 12 weeks since brewing and I have to say I really enjoyed this kit. I didn't think it was overly complicated to make and ended up being one of the best brews I've made so far.

It was a little more expensive being around $50 to make with the bourbon addition, but I believe the bottles are still a little over a $ to make, which isn't bad. Its more for the love and passion than it is the cost savings anyway.

I think its worth your time if you like this style.

If your curious I did a full review on it over on my blog. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Review of Northern Brewer Bourbon Barrel Porter


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